Good Citizen Dog Scheme – Annual Awards 2004 – Results – Category 4 – Open To KC Registered Dog Training Clubs



Based in Solihull, West Midlands

The club have completed an amazing 19 GCDS testing sessions in 2004 alone with a total of 88 passes.

Solihull DTC offers a continual rolling programme of training at all 4 levels of the Scheme.

Since the Scheme was introduced a the club in 1994, 10 club members & trainers have been encouraged to attend the GCDS seminars arranged by the KC, in order to maintain high standards of ‘Good Citizenship’ within the club. The club has 7 members eligible to access the GCDS, 3 of which have been through the Examine Assessment Course.

All club examiners are willing to assess at other clubs & organisations when invited with 18 external testing sessions this year.

Members have also been an invaluable source as ‘Dog & Handlers’ at our Assessment Courses.

The club has for many years been involved in the demonstration teams at Crufts at all 4 levels of the Scheme.

The club have also been involved in providing dogs, handlers & children for the 1st Safe and Sound demonstrations that proved to be very successful at Crufts 2004.

Solihull DTC regularly raises money for charity.

As a club, they promote responsible dog ownership as an integral part of all their training programmes.

All members are checked for a Poop A Scoop and dogs for their ID tags.

The club run 2 puppy training classes that run concurrently with emphasis on education of the owner, socialisation of the puppy, and laying down the foundations for a long & happy relationship between the two.

As well as the Club’s normal training night, they also offer a 2nd night to handlers who have specific problems with their dogs that cannot be successfully dealt with during normal classes.

The club is very active with other activities such as Obedience/Flyball/Agility/ Heelwork to Music and many social events. With a suggestion box, notice board and Instructor appraisals incorporated, all help in their great success proven by such a high stream of newcomers with retained membership.

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