Nurtured Pets Sponsored Guide Dog Puppy Is Named Pepper

Nurtured Pets, the company behind the Anti-Lick Strip Prevent, is delighted to announce the winner of their competition to name a Guide Dog puppy.

Congratulations to Olivia Thomson from Salisbury who suggested the name Pepper, which was selected from all of the names put forward to the Guide Dogs Association.

The name Pepper was chosen because the Association liked its connection with one of the main ingredients on the Anti-Lick Strip Prevent cayenne pepper. As the focus for Nurtured Pets is the health and wellness of animals, sponsorship of a Guide Dog puppy is the perfect fit for the organisation.

Hayley Booth, Product Manager, explains

?The sponsorship process is unique as the puppy’s name is selected before it is even born! Once the name is agreed, it is put forward to the UK Breeding Centre, based in the West Midlands, so the sponsorship programme can begin. Once a puppy walker is available in the area, Pepper will be born and named.

?Traditionally, all of the puppies from the same litter will be given names starting with the same letter. At the age of 6-7 weeks Pepper will be placed with a Puppy Walker, who will look after the puppy and help with socialisation, getting used to people, traffic, loud noises, crowds and so on.

Pepper will undergo a number of character aptitude tests, to ensure the puppy is made of the right stuff for a working life as a Guide Dog. The full training programme will not begin until Pepper reaches just over a year old.

?Around 70 percent of the puppies born at the Breeding Centre go on to qualify as Guide Dogs and many of those deemed unsuitable for guiding are often found alternative careers as Hearing Dogs,

Dogs for the Disabled, HM Customs or the Police. Puppies are bred for their intelligence and good nature, and most common breeds currently used are labradors, golden retrievers and german shepherd dogs. We are all really excited about the imminent arrival of Pepper.?

If you want to hear of Pepper’s arrival and would like to know more about how Nurtured Pets is supporting the Guide Dogs Association, follow us on Facebook at Nurtured Pets UK.

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