Give Your Pets Some Creature Comforts On Bonfire Night

682 pets were harmed by fireworks in October and November last year and ASDA Pet Insurance is expecting a large number of claims again this year from owners of pets that have been lost or injured during firework displays.

The company is urging pet owners to take a series of simple steps to ensure the safety of their pets over the weekend.

“Dogs and other pets hate fireworks and often make a run for it. Many dog owners have undergone a frantic search for their prized pooch when it has escaped from the garden to flee the noise of fireworks.

While you’re warming yourself by the bonfire, marvelling at the rockets and the Catherine wheels, spare a thought for your pet. A few easy steps in advance can make their night much more comfortable”

said Gev Lynott, director of ASDA Financial Services.

ASDA recommends taking the following steps to keep your pet safe during

F Fasten all doors and windows and draw the curtains to keep your pets as safe as possible during fireworks

I Ignore your cat or dog if they try to hide, trying to tempt them out could cause more stress.

R Refuge: Perhaps prepare a den for your pets with their favourite toy or favourite blanket

E Ears: pets have sensitive ears, play music or switch on the television to drown out noise from the fireworks

W Wear collars and tags: make sure your dog or cat has a collar or tag, in case they run away

O Offer your pets an atmosphere that is as normal as possible

R Remember noise, sparks, smoke and embers are all hazardous for pets. Be vigilant to keep your pet safe

K Keep exercising your dog during the day to ensure it is tired and ready to sleep in the evening

S Small pets living outside must also not be forgotten – rabbits and guinea pigs can become very stressed by loud noises. Bring them indoors or in to the garden shed to give them more protection

ASDA’s pet insurance covers animals who have been lost, stolen or who have strayed and can’t be found, and includes £1,000 of cover for advertising locally about a lost pet.

Pet owners can elect to have this cover added to their standard policy.

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