Rare Original Paintings On Sale

Nowavailable on nathanjanes.etsy.com are four rare original acrylic paintings by pop artist Nathan Janes. The paintings, which feature waterfowl and were completed by the artist in 2004, offer a rare opportunity for collectors to purchase an original painting at a more modest price than Nathan’s more recent works, which sell for upwards of $3,000 each.

These rare original works begin at $200 each plus shipping and make a very special and unique gift for Christmas.

Nathan Janes is becoming increasingly known in the world of art for his pop art stylings addressing national and global social issues while using the family dog as his muse.

Janes strives to combat the popular perception that fine art can only be in certain styles or of certain subjects. According to Janes, “Now more than ever I am striving to push my work so that the family pet is used as an artistic tool to depict deeper questions and messages about our society. Everyone can relate to the family dog but not everyone has a cognizance of the social issues that I depict in my paintings. The dogs depicted in my work serve as a bridge for individuals to journey into topics and questions that they may have never explored before but certainly affect their lives nonetheless.”

In addition to his growing collection of activist art, Janes has created a number of designs, which have been used to help support various nonprofit organizations that promote animal welfare. Among these projects, Janes has designed the first official ribbon for animals, the “Orange Ribbon for Animals,” which is being distributed by Rational Animal to help support animal shelters nationwide.


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